Noble House Publishing | Putting the Psyche in Print | Edinburgh
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Noble House Publishing | Putting the Psyche in Print

Putting the Psyche in Print

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 The Singer’s Psyche®

People sometimes forget that who they are and what is going on personally for them, may impact their singing voice. I am often astonished by the resilience of my fellow professional voice users in keeping the performance going when their personal life is falling apart or did some time ago.

This is why the ‘Person Behind The Performance’© work came about. 

You won’t find ‘leave your troubles outside the door’ on my studio wall. Sometimes we have to shore up and get support at the other side of the performance but with no release, vocal crash and/or life crash will occur. Balance and support are vital but sometimes hard to come by in a business that has so many alternative people for each job.

“I think singers are often given a ‘bad rap’ – I think sometimes they are misunderstood and undervalued”.

“The ‘Healthy Singer’ is a singer who is not held back by their psychological processes, chaotic lifestyle and oppressed by others”.

“The ‘Singers Psyche’ offers a different approach of an interpersonal experience of learning”.

“The work presented here offers an opportunity for a shift in the structuring of the vocal performance teaching profession”.

 Dr. Denise Borland

“Will I have to learn a whole new technique?” 

No, it’s an add-on to standard teaching practice offering further depth, awareness and a wide “tool box”. 

“Do you actually teach singing?”

Yes, we bring some new and different awarenesses, as well as traditional singing technique. We hold a multidisciplinary framework.

You can download the full version of The Singer’s Psyche® PhD thesis below.