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Noble Breath – conscious breathing techniques that aim to support people to feel fully alive and may be of particular help to:

Contemporary Music Artists

Breathwork may help to open an Artist’s creativity when they are feeling blocked. This technique can offer support to finish a project, release your work and build confidence in each stage of development. It may further support voice development whilst maintaining the natural, authentic sound of you, the Artist. It can also help with healing physical and emotional traumas and performance anxiety.


Sports and performance, such as public speaking and singing, are well served by recognising the existing breath pattern and developing a strong abdominal breath. Without optimising and understanding our breath, performance problems can occur and performance optimisation may not be fully achieved.

Breathing Difficulties

People often benefit from learning more about their breathing and how to breathe consciously. For example people with – Anxiety, Asthma, Sleep Apnoea, Panic attacks, Breathlessness

We make no claims to cure any conditions and suggest people also visit their G.P

Mothers & Babies

We offer breath work throughout pregnancy and have experience of being part of a birth plan, coaching mothers throughout the process.

We also breathe babies. The sooner we breathe the better. This work can be deeply powerful and allow babies to breathe more fully from the start of their life.

Grief & Life changes

There are times when we all need some extra support. It can be difficult to take it from your nearest and dearest if they too are impacted, or perhaps it feels like there’s nobody to turn to. Noble Breath is designed for all of life’s aspects and will support you through the biggest times of your life. You just have to make the first step and contact us.

Group sessions

Group sessions are a great way to do regular breath sessions and receive coaching and group support. The power of working in a group should not be underestimated. Some people who initially could not imagine doing this in a group are astonished that it worked so well for them.


1-1 sessions

Individual sessions last around an hour and a half. This is often a good way to start and many people have an individual session before joining a group. However, this is not mandatory.

Breath Base