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Performance Psychology Specialist

Dr. Denise Borland is the founder of the Noble Institute, a Performance Psychology training and research centre based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is also a Director at Noble House, a Performance Psychology Specialists hub, based on the foundations of her research and  book ‘The Singer’s Psyche’.

She holds an MSc (Psychotherapy) and an MA (Vocal Performance). Denise is also a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA). She has further training in Somatic Trauma Therapy and Radix bodywork.

Denise has over 30 years of experience as a professional singer and singing teacher. Her international singing career included work in Egypt, Japan and the USA. She has taught in educational settings from primary school to music, dance and theatre further education schools and at university level, where she spent 3 years developing a Popular Music Vocal Performance course for Edinburgh Napier University.

Denise’s delivery of workshops and lectures include British Voice Association, Association of Singing Teachers and the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research. 

Denise left the formal education route to focus on working with professional performers and her research, ‘The Singer’s Psyche – A Psychological Approach to Vocal Performance’. She further developed this to offer a Life Performance modality: ‘The Psyche Approach’, which runs as a separate application of the work first developed for vocal performers. This is now available for all performers and those who want to optimise their lives. The Psyche Approach® incorporates Transactional Analysis, Somatic Trauma Therapy, PTSD understanding, Breathwork, Bodywork Psychology, Vocal Performance and Performance Psychology.

She also works as a psychotherapist specialising in body and trauma and is U.K.C.P registered.


Performance Psychology Specialist

Ali Bell is a Director of Noble House, Head of Psyche Approach® Training and a Practitioner and Supervisor of the Psyche Approach® in both Singing and Life Performance modalities at the Noble Institute Edinburgh

Ali holds a BMus (Hons) and has studied Somatic Trauma Therapy and Radix bodywork. She also is a Psyche Approach Vanguard practitioner and trainer.

Ali is a professional singer, singing teacher, choir director and breathwork trainer and has many years experience working nationally and internationally in each of these fields.

Her singing teaching offers exquisite attention to detail and an understanding of safety and trauma.

Her most recent teaching addition is an Embodied Singing course, freeing up the voice and encouraging authentic, confident singing for all voice users.

Co-founder of Breath Base, Ali offers breathwork at Noble House, working with individual clients and groups. She specialises in breath work with babies and expectant parents and is currently planning research in this field.

Ali also delivers outreach work to different groups of people, constantly adapting the Psyche Approach® modality to fit the needs of each circumstance. She is open to collaborative work and welcomes enquiries.